Baglio di Pianetto – Palermo celebrates Santa Rosalia

Baglio di Pianetto – Palermo celebrates Santa Rosalia

Baglio di Pianetto – Palermo celebrates Santa Rosalia

An exclusive dinner for a guest list of Italian and international journalists plus a map of the city’s key gourmet hotspots: the company founded by Count Paolo Marzotto celebrates its love for Palermo

July 14 is a date that no Palermo resident could ever forget: it is the day of Santa Rosalia, u fistinu, to celebrate the time when the city was spared from a terrible plague thanks to the saving intercession of its beloved Santuzza. On this summer night every year, the streets of Palermo’s historic centre are flooded by hundreds of thousands of city dwellers and tourists, in a unique syncretism of peoples, cultures, customs and beliefs, a melting pot of folklore and religion that reaches its peak with the procession, as the statue of the saint travels across the city from the Cathedral to the sea, through the old Porta Felice.

A much awaited celebration that, during such an important year for the city, Capital of Italian Culture 2018 and host to the traveling biennial Manifesta12, Baglio di Pianetto wishes to honour with an exclusive gift: a map 

of the historic centre and its markets (Download here)

monuments and museums, but also 87 wine bars and restaurants that have chosen to include the labels of the estate founded by Conte Paolo Marzotto in their wine lists.

“It is our way of offering our warmest welcome to all first time visitors to the city – says Renato De Bartoli, Managing Director of the company based in Santa Cristina Gela – In particular, we want to welcome those who have chosen Palermo’s city centre as a base for their Sicilian holiday, as the city is the embodiment of hospitality and Baglio di Pianetto wants to celebrate that”.

While focussing on the combined pleasures of food and wine which Palermo is famous for, our map illustrates the heart of the city and can serve as a guide to experience a festive event which, with its colours and aromas, has always been an occasion to relish the city’s rich local food and wine traditions. For this reason, Baglio di Pianetto has organised, thanks to the hospitality of one of the best emerging restaurants of Palermo’s gourmet scene, Locanda del Gusto, an exclusive dinner reserved for a wide guest list of Sicilian, Italian and international members of the press who, from a vantage position close to the famous Quattro Canti, will have the opportunity to enjoy every moment of the spectacular fistinu.

“Our wish – Renato De Bartoli continues – is not only to offer a taste of Palermo’s flavours, revisited by chef Tommaso Stancampiano, but to introduce a truly magical event to those who have never experienced it. Germany, United States, Russia, Brazil, Taiwan, England, Poland, Bulgaria, Chile: our media guest list is as diverse as possible, in keeping with the multicultural and multiethnic spirit of Palermo and its residents”.

Palermo is a harmonious synthesis of cultures which “cultural tourists” can begin to discover at the table, with its traditional dishes and prodigious street food. The city’s legendary markets, the ancient “putias” and a constellation of restaurants, taverns and wine-bars are all part of Palermo’s identity and heritage, which deserves to be valued and promoted. Baglio di Pianetto is committed to the creation of a communication strategy centred around the city and the value ​​of its food and wine tradition, its status as an internationally recognised capital of the Mediterranean Diet. “This is why we want to communicate effectively what experiences are in store for the traveller who immerses himself in such a fascinating food and wine culture. Our wine resort Agrirelais in Baglio di Pianetto, less than thirty minutes from the city, can be the perfect point of departure or arrival, the place to experience the authentic Mediterranean conviviality “- concludes Renato De Bartoli.

The menu, designed by restaurant manager Daniela Sclafani and Renato De Bartoli himself, will be accompanied by a selection of Baglio di Pianetto’s finest labels. We will open the dances with the typical light snacks served at Sicilian dinner parties: “calia and semenza”, salted lupines and snails, followed by the true stars of Palermo’s street food: pane cunzato, panelle, sarde a beccafico, small arancine and eggplant cannoli, continuing with delicacies such as meatballs dipped in red onion jam, octopus vastaso, calamarata with a mullet ragout, snapper fillet with field vegetables served over pureed chickpea macco. These recipes and many more traditional dishes and specialties will compose a veritable taste tour, ending with two masterpieces of Sicilian patisserie: a watermelon infused gelo di mellone and cannoli.

A triumph of flavour in honour of Palermo’s patron saint, she who has guarded the city over time and history – open to the world, and proud of it.

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